Office Hours: Godfrey On What Is Wisdom?

Office HoursOurs is not an age characterized by wisdom either inside or outside the church. Conferences on wisdom will not likely pack a football stadium (at least not a large one) but wisdom is a major theme in Scripture—terms for wisdom  occur more than 200 times in the Bible—and it is the theme for season 6 of Office Hours: “To Know Wisdom.” Few things are as needed today, both inside and outside the church, as wisdom. The nuclear and extended family seems to have collapsed even as it being re-defined in ways that defy nature and the God who ordered it. Popular preachers are celebrated, not for preaching Christ crucified but for facilitating greater “health and wealth.” The blind are leading the blind. In this episode Bob Godfrey, President and Professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary California joins us to help us get oriented to the topic by answering the question: “What is wisdom”?

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