Flying Leathernecks

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  1. Semper Fi, we have a bunch of them–leatherneck aviators–retired and living here at/in Camp Lejeune, NC. My next door neighbor, a COL who runs an Osprey squadron. Of note, one most able leatherneck aviators, my former neighbor (across the street), GEN Jim Amos, USMC, current Commandant. Jim just took his sovereign and dreaded Majesty, Mr. Obama, to task over Iraq and the preventability of this current mess. That incident–a military man criticizing POTUS–was and is most, most unusual. Semper Fi to Marines reading this. BTW, I like that 46, second row on right. They still fly 46s. Now, back to some Patrick Collinson…he really said there was a “Calvinistic consensus” in the Elizabethan and Jacobean Church of England. As an Arminian, I just want to cry.

  2. Semper Fi, Benjamin.

    If I may, based on Scott’s post, dilate on that noble breed of Marines. We have an old Churchman in our parish. About 90ish or so. COL John Snopes, 30 years, USMC. John was in the first wave at Iwo Jima in Feb 1945. He lasted 3 days as a machine gunner. He took a hit. He’s a purple-heart man. A flesh wound he called it. They patched him up and he went back into it. Never talks about it, except to Marines in the congregation. Yes, he had bad dreams and nightmares. Good old fashioned PTSD stuff. Yes, he saw body parts in the amphib vehicle that Navy amphibsters didn’t clean out. He had seen those earlier too. Old John–at 90ish or so–serves as our usher at our little parish.

    Semper Fi, Benjamin, but with the memorial to this quiet saint of God, John Snopes.

    Now to return to Prof. Collinson. With that most irritating concept that there was a Calvinistic consensus in the Elizabethan and Jacobean Church of England. I just want to cry.


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