San Diego County Fire Updates (May 14, 2014) Corrected


Credit: John Gibbins

You may have seen online that wildfires have broken out in San Diego County. There was an 800 acre fire yesterday southwest of Escondido in the 4S Ranch area (west of Rancho Bernardo) but fire crews had that under control. Today the seminary in Escondido closed early as a precaution but there are no active fires near the seminary. At this writing unseasonably hot temperatures, low humidity, and high winds are feeding flames in the Northeast part of the county (Lilac Rd & Highway 76) and in the Northwestern part of the county. There is a large fire near California State University San Marcos (near the San Elijo area) and fires along Interstate 15 in the north part of the county. There are fires near Fallbrook, two on Camp Pendelton, in Carlsbad (where 22 homes have burned), and Oceanside (near highway 76). These are most unusual conditions. Usually, this time of year, we have “May gray” clouds in the morning which gradually burn off and a high in the mid to low 70s, It’s also unusual to have so many fires in the western part of the county, which is closer to the ocean and typically less prone to fire. It’s more densely populated to the west and people are facing a challenge evacuating.  As far as I can see, we’re well in Escondido but concerned for friends around the county. We’re waiting for the winds to die down  as the sun begins to set.  We’re thankful for the mercies of the Lord and sorry for the suffering of others. We’re grateful for the courage of men and women who head toward danger when the rest of us are moving away from it. Thanks for your prayers.

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