The Most Destructive Problem At Present: Confounding Law And Gospel

Many are the mistakes at present about religious matters; but none are more destructive than those which concern the law and the gospel. The generality of our people confound them, and put one in the place of the other. Some suppose they are to be accepted of God for their works, and that they can be justified by the law in the sight of God. Others make their keeping of the law the condition of their receiving the blessings of the gospel, as if these were to be the purchase and reward of their partial obedience. Some are persuaded they must do all they can, and keep the law with all their might, and wherein they come short of the perfect demands of the law, Christ will, out his his merits, atone for their failings. And others again think that that Christ has abated the rigor of the the law, and that the gospel is nothing more than a new law dispensation, in which the Lord has been pleased to declare that he will accept of sincere obedience instead of perfect.

—William Romaine, “Twelve Discourses on the Law and the Gospel” in The Whole Works of the Late Rev. William Romaine (London, 1837).

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  1. Great quote, Dr. Clark. May I suggest you write a book that would be something of an anthology containing nothing but quotes like these from our Protestant heritage? We need the simplicity and clarity these men give in our day of redefining what “Reformed” means.

  2. Hello Dr. Clark. I’m interested in learning more about the Law/Gospel distinction in greater detail. Are they’re any books you would/could recommend on the subject? I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

  3. Donté, you can click the tag “Law and Gospel Distinction” just below Dr. Clark’s post for a great list of resources.

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