The God Complex Of Social Elites

left-quotation-marksIf nothing else, Dylan Farrow’s letter is a wake-up call. It’s time for us to pour a lot of cold water on the notion that the elites – those controlling the media, Hollywood, politics, and academia — are entitled to a separate standard of behavior or a separate moral code from everybody else. The biggest equality gap today is really one of accountability and personal responsibility.

It seems that the elites are determined to write all of the scripts and do all of the casting in order to dictate who may say what in the public square. Political correctness is the tool to whip all of us extras into memorizing our lines. Or into just shutting up and doing what we’re told. What’s at stake is the survival of a moral code that strives for equal protection. The alternative is the transformation of that moral code into a permanent double standard that insures nothing more than the perpetual power of the core elite. It’s a Nietzschean thing that we don’t quite yet understand.

Dylan Farrow describes the despair of one who is stuck in this Nietzschean panorama. It’s indeed a world that celebrates your tormentor, in which the “Superman” or ubermensch with the victorious Will to Power can rule by whim over everyone else. It’s an amoral world. There’s no room for individual integrity or dignity or free choice in it. You are expected to comply with whatever alternative reality your ruler wishes to impose on you. There’s no way out.Right-quotation-mark

—Stella Morabito, “God Complex: Why Hollywood Thinks Sex Crimes Are No Big Deal

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  1. I think the author’s title is misleading…Hollywood does think s*x crimes are a big deal when they are done or alleged to have been done by a person wearing the cloth…esp. by a Roman Catholic priest. When that person is a highly successful writer/director, well, there’s a double standard there. If Woody were a Roman Catholic priest there’d be people picketing his building in Manhattan.

  2. Another part of the problem is that some of these elites really can’t conceive of any sex act that they would consider a crime.

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