Palm Springs In January

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  1. Upon viewing these beautiful pic’s my first impulse was to make a similar remark, since were are suffering horrible cold and snow in much of the rest of the nation. But then I remembered that you all are undergoing bad drought conditions in California, which is likely to worsen – view here:
    and here

    Not only will this affect the West, locally, but due the large agricultural base in California, it will ultimately affect the rest of us as well. Pray for rain and relief!

    • Ditto! I’m writing from the sunny south, in normally balmy Georgia, where we’ve had ice, snow, 18 Degree temperatures and 18 Hr traffic jams.

  2. Great pics! Living in Murrieta gives me the chance to see those mountains from the other side. As someone who is of Oregonian extraction, and has a special affinity for the Cascades, I must confess, Mt. San Jacinto is probably one of my favorites, behind Shasta, Rainer (wife is from Seattle), and it even beats out Mt. Hood.

    I didn’t know this, but Mt. San Jacinto on the Palm Springs side has the largest vertical rise (floor to summit) of any mountain in the continental US. I heard that on the tram ride from the desert floor to the summit – which I would highly recommend to anyone in the Palm Springs area.

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