November 22, 1963

Credit: Lancia E. Smith

Credit: Lancia E. Smith

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  1. Highly recommended biography C.S. Lewis – A Life.

    You would think that with all that has been written about this man that there wouldn’t be anything to add. Well, Alister McGrath does add to the recorded in his enjoyable and informative book on Lewis’ life.

    • Hi Matt,

      No, not here. Some writers are beyond the pale and the writer to whom you linked is one of them.

      No, Lewis wasn’t entirely orthodox. He had a cavalier view of Scripture (among other things). He was not a theologian but he was a significant thinker and writer from whom we can learn.

      Happy to discuss responsible critics and criticisms of Lewis.

  2. Hi Dr. Clark,

    I understand, as I know from before when I asked about TTF you said there were better sources to read.

  3. Thanks for this reminder! C.S. Lewis was the first one to teach me that Christianity doesn’t have to be mindless, and even a thoughtful Christianity can use the powers of the imagination and beauty of poetry.

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