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  1. In Mississippi, we park these vehicles in the front yard.

    (As a Mississippi native, I have the right to make these jokes. The rest of you – don’t you dare.)

  2. Sorry Frank, but as Jeff Foxworthy says, If you mow your front lawn and discover an old pickup, you might be a … 🙂

  3. Ha!

    Speaking of one of the other pictures, here in Forrest County we have a couple of joints like Maxine’s. “Carryout” refers mostly to the customers.

    (Yes, that’s “Forrest” County, named after Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. As you can imagine, Gen. Forrest’s portrait is no longer prominently displayed at City Hall.)

  4. That’s “carryout,” as in “We had to carry out Jimmy Joe Billy Bob, he got so plastered. He did drive himself home, though.”

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