Carl And Todd Are Not Nice

mortification-of-spinSo far the best thing about the Mortification of Spin podcast has been the occasional appearances—an odd word for a aural medium—of Aimee Byrd. One of these days she might just roller-skate right over to Philadelphia and then whammo! Certainly they are proving that podcasting is not as easy as it sounds. Nevertheless, I commend to you their latest episode, “Worse Than Unhelpful.” Despite themselves the boys have stumbled into some significant insights into the nature of late modern discourse, particularly among evangelicals, including the abuse of Matthew 18 and the invocation of pious sounding phrases to silence dissent and criticism.

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  1. It was interesting seeing the “trouble” the two caused by naming names in their podcast “Tribe Hopping.” The shrieks extended to “The Aquila Report.”

    • Actually, I’m surprised the population of West Virginia hasn’t rushed north (with banjos) to beat up on Todd and Carl.

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