Eco-Friendly Tanks And Drones Playing The Lumineers

Caution: This video uses a word that starts with kick and ends with an s. If you don’t want to hear this word then don’t watch the video (or mute the sound but that would pretty much ruin it since there is talking). If you don’t know what that word is but you think it’s possible that you might be offended by a such a word, then don’t watch this video. If you don’t have a sense of humor. Don’t watch this video. If you think that any president really is the Messiah, then, you should probably watch this video. If a double-whatever latte is the most important thing on your mind right now, you should watch this video.

HT: Becket Adams

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  1. I was just about to click on Donate, when I realised it would only be to the Heidelblog, not to the Help Kickstart World War III Project.

    Actually, having read what Calvin had to say about the Donatists (I’m not sure that I agree with him, by the way, any more than David Bentley-Taylor did – What his more Calvinistic offspring think about it I’ve yet to discover), why do you follow every post with an attempt to get in touch with Donatus, screaming out “Donate” all the time?

  2. Is “Donatus” second or fourth declension. And if it is fourth declension, is the vocative inflection the same as second declension?

  3. Just checked wikipedia and discovered the m/f vocative singular fourth declension ending is “ūs”.
    “Donatus” looks second declension, but could it be fourth???

  4. The perfect passive participle nominative masculine of donare is donatus (Thank you Wikipedia). Perfect passive participles are 1st or 2nd declension (Iterum O Wikipedia tibi gratias agimus). So what do YOU think?

  5. Very funny. Thanks for posting. I’ve been to a live performance of at Second City in Chicago, and those folks are masters at SNL-style sketch comedy and parodies. A decent number of SNL stars get their start at Second City apparently. Most of the show was smart and satirical like this. Though I would give a disclaimer similar to yours to anyone planning on going.

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