Office Hours: David Strain On the Tasks and Trials of Ministry

Office HoursDavid Strain is Minister of Teaching and Mission at First Presbyterian Church (PCA), Jackson, MS. At the time we recorded this interview, he was recently Senior Pastor at Main Street PCA, Columbus, MS. He has also served a Free Church congregation in London and was a pastoral intern in the Church of Scotland. David is a friend and a terrific preacher of the gospel. A few years back he preached the best sermon on Psalm 1 I’ve ever heard.

He was on campus last year to talk with our students about life as a pastor. The talks were  well received. We had a chance to sit down and talk about how he came to the US, about his call to pastoral ministry, what it was like to leave a mainline church, and what ministry is.

Here is the episode.

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  1. Great show, Scott! Ligon Duncan is about to head out here again to encourage the brothers and sisters in Melbourne and Sydney – good to hear that his colleague is of the highest calibre…

  2. Where can we find a copy of his sermon on Psalm 8? I’ve googled it, but struggled to locate it.

  3. Just heard this. It aired when I was on holiday. I had the privilege of meeting David a long time back. What a fine example of a Reformed pastor he’s become. Great interview.

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