Images Of Harvest

Food starts here

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  1. Hi Dr. Clark,
    Just last night I happened to be reading “What Are People For?” by Wendell Berry. He says and argues that “the higher aims of “technological progress” are money and ease.”

    I appreciated your post on education.

  2. “O heavenly Father and merciful God, which opening thy hand replenishes all living creatures with thy blessing, and gives meat to the hungry in due season, we acknowledge our meat and drink to be thy gifts, prepared by thy fatherly providence to be received of us from the comfort of our bodies with thanksgiving: We most humbly ask thee to bless us and our food, and to give us grace so to use these thy benefits, that we may be thankful to thee, and liberal to our poor neighbors, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” – Thomas Becon

  3. Should we view farming and harvesting as a “work of necessity” on the Lord’s Day? We have real issues in our church on this–would be helpful to know how to delicately approach this issue with farmers.

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