It’s 75° Right Now in Escondido

Don't Miss the Conference

Clapton Cale Road to Escondido

People are beginning to appear on campus for the conference. You’re welcome too!

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  1. We’re looking forward to it! But your temperature updates are making me skeptical about the weekend…! I’m very much enjoying our currently in-the-50s weather.

  2. So, with the weather so nice, who wants to be inside anyway? Or, maybe you’ll all be laid back on the lawn, California-style, sipping adult beverages, Reformation-style.

  3. Ugh. 75 degrees. Why would anyone want to be in hot weather like that? Calvinism requires cold temperatures and dark cloudy skies to work right — something that as a native Michigander, I like to tell my PCA friends as an explanation of what’s wrong in their churches 😉

    • (And yes, that’s a joke about Calvinism not working in Southern climates for anyone who didn’t catch the point. I now live in Missouri and very much prefer cold, snow, and ice of the North to our horrible hot summers down here. But our temperatures in the mid-20s yesterday were fairly nice. Too bad we didn’t have a few feet of nice snow to go with the crisp cool air.)

  4. 72 degrees here in Santa Barbara! Unable to attend this year, a few of us, though, will be watching via the live streaming. May God bless the proclamation of his Word.

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