Horton and VanDrunen on Apostasy

Office Hours Takes on Hebrews 6

Mike Horton and Dave VanDrunen join Office Hours  this week to discuss one of the more challenging passages in Hebrews and perhaps in the New Testament: Hebrews 5:11–6:12.  I hope you’ll listen and share this episode with others.

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  1. Great podcast. It was both a blessing and an encouragement to me as I’ve been teaching Hebrews for the last year to our women’s Bible study. I’ve been hammering these themes about doctrine and vitality over and over. I believe Hebrews 10:23 sums it up so well, and is explained throughout the whole sermon-letter: Let us hold fast to our confession of hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

  2. What a great show. Very insightful and quite helpful. The reformed view of the covenants is the biblical view and to get that wrong is to be confused on many important doctrines which domino to many others.

  3. The wooden biblicist is to be commended for desiring to only want to follow the explicit first reading of the text, but using the same rules of investigation scientists, historians, doctors etc use to look at all of the data and their interrelationships is key. As an ex Calvinistic baptist if it wasn’t plain on the cuff explicit then it was binding Revelation. Theology of the first glance is a dangerous hermeneutic.

    • I meant to say if it wasn’t plain on the cuff then it was not binding. And their motive is to be commended while their methodoly is not.

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