Video: Why Baptize Infants?

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  1. Great teaching. I have found that in discussions with the dispensationalists in explaining to them how our children are brought into the covenant the same way that Abraham’s children were (Col. 2:11 & 12), where just the sign changes-they are actually open to it.

    Using covenant theology really helps in tying the types and shaddows of the O.T. into the fulfillment of Christ. We really see how He is our God, and we are His people in redemptive history!

  2. If Abraham is the pattern, the Abraham is the pattern, times 2…

    I like that! Helpful answer/explanation to the question, especially the unpacking of Paul in Col. 2:11-22 showing the logic of his thought and thus the redemptive connection between circumcision, Christ’s death, and baptism. Very clear.

  3. Amen! My pastor had a great insight similar to Stephen Marshall stating that children at 8AM on the Day of Pentecost were still in the Covenant, and had been for some 2100 years, but as soon as Peter started preaching his 9AM sermon, they were excommunicated without any mention. How strange, especially since his sermon, announcing the New Covenant and its administration of the COG was a recapitulation of the Abrahamic Covenant, and still given to believers and their children…

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