Sometimes Culture Includes Cult

Leila writes: “My husband and I planned, from the beginning, to send our children to private school, since we weren’t happy with the public schools in our area. Right before our oldest was ready to start kindergarten in the mid-90s, a new Christian school opened in our area and we eagerly took a look. We loved what we saw. This Christian school was started by parents and was different from any other we’d ever seen. This one was classical. They taught Latin starting in 3rd grade, had a phenomenal writing and literature curriculum, a systematic approach through the grades for history and geography, and, of course, that dangling carrot for parents of students everywhere … small classroom sizes. The method, we learned, was based on Doug Wilson’s “rediscovery” of the classical trivium approach and which assured our children of an excellent education.” Read more»

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    • Ooops, looks like I skipped your title and went straight to the article. At least we had the same reaction.

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