You Can Help Office Hours Easily

Office Hours could use your help.

If you have benefited from Office Hours, if you enjoyed the most recent episode with Bob Godfrey, or the interview with Sinclair Ferguson, or the interviews with Darryl Hart, or Mike Horton, or Terry Johnson, or any of the more than 40 episodes over the last season and a half, please click here and click the “like” button.

It will also help the program gain some visibility on iTunes if you could go there and give us a rating. It will help us to reach as many people with the broadcast as possible. If you want to tweet about OH, that would be great too.

We’re thinking about putting together another all call-in show for the end of the school year. I know that there are HB readers who could provide us with some excellent calls that would stimulate discussion. If you have a question that you’ve always wanted to ask a seminary prof, now is the time. You ask the question and we’ll find a prof to answer it. Call us at 760-480-8477 and leave a message. You can always write us at

Thanks for your help and thanks for listening.

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