Afghan Christian to Be Murdered for the Faith

J. D. Greear has the story of Sayed Mossa, who has been imprisoned and tortured because he is a Christian. He is scheduled to be murdered by the same Afghan government installed by the United States. JDG has action steps beginning with prayer (HT: Justin Taylor).

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  1. Here’s the November 15 update from World Magazine. The trial has not yet been held but will be soon: “UPDATE (Nov. 15, 2010): Court officers on Sunday postponed the trial of Afghan convert Sayed Mossa due to the Muslim holiday of Eid. They say trial will be held next Sunday, Nov. 21. Meanwhile, according to Westerners close to the case, Afghan officials have not formally stated the charges against Mossa (though they are likely to be conversion from Islam and espionage), they have not allowed him legal representation, and they have refused requests from family members to see his court file. ”

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