Comments Changes


20 September 2010: Life has been much quieter since closing comments. Nevertheless, the HB may publish reasonable, edifying responses to HB posts. See the comments policy page for more.

Original post. 1 Sep, 2010. I’ve tried different approaches to comments but the time has come (again) to close comments on the HB. I’m sorry that I won’t see intelligent, thoughtful, delightful comments that appear (you happy band of commenters know who you are) but there are other comments and commenters that I won’t miss.

Why the change? I’ve found that it takes up too much time. Indeed, as I’ve been reflecting for the last few days about my online life I think that the HB has taken up too much time and kept me from doing other things I need to do (such as reading and writing). The HB isn’t going away but I am going to simplify my online life. Stay tuned.

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