RUF Established at UCLA

Going to college is a lot like playing “Fity-Two Pick Up.” It’s a time when a lot of things get tossed in the air. I’m thankful that there were people like Warren Embree and Bill Stephens (and Vern Pollema) and others who were there, during college, to help me find my way to the Reformed faith and to the Reformed churches.

Reformed University Fellowship is the college ministry of the PCA. Most of RUF chapters seem to be in the Southeast but there are a few hardy outposts west of the Rockies. Of these the newest is the chapter at UCLA, which began late last school year. They have a Facebook page and a blog. If you know a Reformed Christian at UCLA or someone who might be interested in RUF at UCLA let them know about the chapter.

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  1. That’s good news. It would be good to see if there are any designs to establish one at UCI at some point? (where I work, and just a few miles away from our humble little PCA in Irvine ; )


  2. This is when I need to muster up the energy to give an 8-clap and remember that though I am Cardinal-and-Gold on most Saturdays in the fall, it is Westwood that pays my (humble) salary! (And is also where I spend a *large* chunk of my time Monday-Friday!)

    Really excited to hear about this!

  3. Joe B – have your humble Irvine PCA contact folks at RUF – I’m no expert but I understand RUF is always associated with a local, particular PCA church, so that it is not a para-church organization. I only learned of RUF when my daughter went off to Savannah College of Art & Design.

    UCI: once upon a time I used to drive over to the UCI library to supplement my research while at CSUF!

  4. There used to be an OPC near enough to UCLA to drive to. Lee Irons would also come out Westwood and do a mid-week Bible study with pretty much anyone who showed up. I am eternally grateful to Lee and hope these guys take this as seriously as he did.

  5. Thanks Cris, I was not sure of the process of how RUF gets off the ground at any particular campus. I’ll bring this up to someone from our session. I also need to look more into what sorts of other groups are already on campus, what it would take to start up a new group, etc.

    UCI Library is great. I definitely take advantage of the ability to check out books as a campus employee.

  6. A UCI RUF would be the greatest thing ever. It would be a far superior alternative to all those seeker-friendly or “fellowship”-centered groups populating UCI.

  7. I would strongly recommend that parents encourage their children to consider universities with RUF ministries. Oklahoma has been blessed the last several years with RUF chapters at OU, OSU and the University of Tulsa. Our oldest son, oldest daughter and a younger son have attended these universities, and each grew in the faith as a result of participation in the respective RUF chapters. RUF has brought students (and then young marrieds) to our church here in Tulsa (Christ Presbyterian Church), blessing us with serious, young believers. The senior pastor of the second PCA church in the Tulsa metro area, Redeemer PCA, is a former RUF pastor. Two weeks ago, we were privileged to attend the ordination of the new RUF Pastor for TU. It was one of the most powerful, spiritually dynamic services that I have ever attended. (I am 52 and have attended churches all of my life.) For these reasons and many others, there was a leap in my spirit when I read this post. May we all uphold this new ministry at UCLA in prayer.

  8. Congratulations to UCLA! I started going to an OPC after studying through Romans with Grace On Campus (John MacArthur/ Grace Community) at UCLA. I wish there was an RUF at UCLA when I first encountered Reformed Theology since back then Reformed Theology was not welcome at GOC.

    I hope they make some connections with the Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity and their little sisters, another fantastic group of believers at UCLA.

    Best wishes to RUF at UCLA!

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