To Change the World: James Davison Hunter Challenges Transformationalism

Hunter develops an alternative view of culture, one that assigns roles not only to ideas and artifacts but also to “elites, networks, technology, and new institutions.” American Christians—mainline Protestant, Catholic, and evangelical—will not and cannot change the world through evangelism, political action, and social reform because of the working theory that undergirds their strategies. This theory says that “the essence of culture is found in the hearts and minds of individuals—in what are typically called ‘values.’ ” According to Hunter, social science and history prove that many popular ideas, such as “transformed people transform cultures” (Colson) and “in one generation, you change the whole culture” (James Dobson), are “deeply flawed.” Read more»

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  1. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! (er, as we say out West…)
    Having only read the interview and responses you linked to, I am still quite empty, but I MUST have that book. I was struck by the pro-life example in the interview – I have always felt that the pro-life movement attacks and demeans those image bearers whom they are opposed to…

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