Does the FV Really Say That?

Yes, they do. Once more Wes White shows us the money.

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  • R. Scott Clark
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  1. I just threw up in my mouth. That you would endorse such inane writing is further proof that the Spirit has been removed from the reformed, calvinistic, PCA world. Is this guy your brother-in-law or something?

    • Travis,

      Am I assuming correctly from your divinatuion that you, as an apparent FVer, do not consider yourself as part of the “reformed, calvinistic, PCA world”? If this is indeed the case, then I would see this as being a huge step in the right direction, which will hopefully be emulated by more and more FVers.

  2. RsC–
    My comment has to do with your endorsement of White’s caricature (that’s why I jostled if he “were” your b-i-l). His caricature is inane and convoluted. Give me a few precious moments and I could twist anyone’s words to say what is not said and then lambaste it as well. White’s writing was less than smoothe [sic] and very sophomoric.

    No, I do consider myself (!) a part of that world. Indeed, I am. I am saddened that the myopic truncation of ST has all but eliminated one’s ability to speak to another (ala BT) and be understood. I affirm all the decretal genius of the WCF (and other confessions) with unabashed pride. I am saddened by the lack of freedom to speak as Paul spoke without qualification. If one has to qualify every time one would speak one’s speak would ne’er get spoke (~R. Pratt: “if you qualify what you mean every time you say something, you would end up saying nothing”).

      • Dr. Clark,

        Just to be clear, my backhanded point was that I think FVers like Travis are not true to orthodox Reformed (biblical) principles and theology. Therefore, if they were to simply realize and acknowledge that fact, and simply remove themselves from Reformed churches like the PCA, this would be a really good thing.


        You do realize that just said that you are consciously part of a world from which, to recall your own words, “the Spirit has been removed.” Personally I would never want to be identified with such a thing. Are you sure it’s not time to move on?

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