Santa Ysabel In Winter

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  1. Bottle Peak in the second pic has a great view!

    Get some pics from Palomar next time snow falls up there…… 😉

  2. Great reminder of my childhood. I grew up in San Diego and my parents lived in the Poway area for a while. Nice pics bringing back good memories.

  3. I grew up in the shadow of the mountain in your picture (Bottle Mountain). The Escondido valley is truly a beautiful place.

    • Nice! Grew up in the shadow of the Whittier Hills near the LA/Orange Co border. One of the things I missed coming to WTS-PA was seeing the coastal mountains in the background. Wonder if Dr. Strimple & Dr. Godfrey missed (miss) the humidty of Philadelphia?

  4. Sir… read your latest article in Tabletalk Pilgrims ( and their Hosts ). Insightful. thank you!
    I lived in Oceanside back in 1989 -1991 and was going to the Vineyard Christian Fellowship at that time. Now I’m a member at Northcreek Presbyterian Church in South Florida.
    it’s nice to see that there is solid teaching in Oceanside. Keep up the fight of faith!!

    yours because, I’m adopted into His family,


  5. The clouds on our way down to church along I-15 were amazing yesterday evening.

    We were walking around Lake Hodges on Saturday morning and that was beautiful as well with the green hills, blue sky, and big puffy clouds.


  6. Hmmpf!

    About the time you’ll be getting mudslides and/or wildfires, it will look very pretty here. Meanwhile, here it’s a typical Illinois winter — cold and dirty gray.

  7. This absolutely makes me sick! Would you like snow shipped to you from Washington, D.C.? I am ready for warm weather.

  8. I must be the only one in the world, who hates warm weather. I look at those pictures in disgust. Give me lots of snow and 30 below any day of the year. Good thing I I live in MN.


  9. Hmmm, maybe being homeless as I attend seminary doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all. I could set up nice tent near creek over there……living in a van down by the river!

  10. The Cost of Discipleship is hard on those in So Cal! Looks like Escondido is a very nice Mission Field!

    • It has its challenges but the weather isn’t usually one of them, unless flooding, fires, mudslides, and sharks count. Okay, sharks aren’t weather but they do frighten/excite me about as much tornadoes did.

      • Sharks: I used to live near the “red triangle” where all the sharks were looking for their din-din (alternately called ‘seals’). I’m just glad that the average depth of the SF bay was 4 feet, so only the little toe nibblers could get around where I lived.

        Then there was the earthquake weather. The ’89 Loma Prieta thing still is a vivid memory, but so was the SF Giants getting swept by the A’s.

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