Sinclair Ferguson is Coming to Westminster Seminary California

And he will be giving the annual den Dulk lectures at WSC 23-25 March, 2010. The den Dulk lectures are given each year by an experienced Reformed pastor to share pastoral wisdom born of experience. The lectures will be at 10AM in the chapel on the campus of Westminster Seminary California. Sinclair is Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology at WTS.

Add this to your calendar. Sinclair is a good friend of the seminary and I know that they students are excited to hear from him and will be glad to learn from him.

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  1. Someone should ask him why in the IVP New Dictionary of Theology (1988)
    of which he is the first editor listed, why he selected the author for the article on Justification he did, and why he let the content of that article stand considering it is pretty NPP. Perhaps he had nothing to do with that part of the book, and I hope not, but one would think that if one’s name is going to appear first on the cover, that one would make sure that at least the major doctrines of the reformation were right, not N.T. Wright.

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