Sometimes a Vid is Worth 1000 Blog Posts

This alone might put an end to liturgical dancing:

(HT: Ryan Glomsrud via Mockingbird)

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  1. In the pentecostal circles that I used to run in, this alone might revive liturgical dancing. His dance is much more impressive and coordinated than the pentecostal two-step .


  2. I heard that John Frame advocates Liturgical dancing. How absurd is that thought! I have seen John Frame play the piano, and he plays nicely. However, I do not think that anyone wants to see me or Dr. Frame engaged in Liturgical dancing.

  3. Joshua,

    Here in the Shenadoah Valley of Virginia. Out in the country down South. Our pentecostals do not do the two-step. They have switched over to a liturgical/pentecostal country/ western line dance. 😉

  4. Since converted in the womb or cradle, I hope I am growing in grace as the years roll on (Ps.71.6, 12; Ps.22.9,10; Mt.21.6; Ps.92.9-14); by His assured grace and promises in my baptism, the Supper and the infallible Word, I shall be singing His praises in the twilight years that I face.

    This much, am very glad–very glad–for the disciplines of the old Book of Prayer, Law and Gospel front to back, a lot of Bible reading, Confession of sin, with the old Covenanters’ Psalter before, during and after daily prayers, the Apostles Creed, and good godly Prayers. Added the WCF with the Apostles Creed. Will do a switch-out of the WCF to the Heidelberger for a few months, broken into 7 partss (about 25 question). Not leavin’ it for this modern CCM and these modern services of worship, now or ever. The character of our Sovereign, Three in One, requires worship befitting His Majesty, every morning and every evening.

    There is room for shouting joyful praises—singing with informed gusto–yet the ethos precludes the chaos of the moderns.

    Here I stand till death, and all of that without Mr. Frame’s guidance or instruction. I yield the floor to others.

  5. Like some of the others, I too have been around this type of dance in my younger years. Amazingly, in the awful dance routine, there is no hyperbole or exaggeration, but a spot on mimic. By the way, Dr. Clark, does your title to this post suggest you won’t be posting for a while (the equivalent of 100o posts)?

  6. The song sounds a bit yiddish. Some Jews are pretty crazy on the dance floor, but Colbert’s not a Jew.

  7. @Phil, in light of Psalm 51:3. I do not understand the statement, converted from the womb or the cradle. How does this differ from Federal (Covenental) Vision (View). The basis of FV is their approach to covenants. Therefore, this sounds very much like FV’s concept of Baptismal Regeneration. (they wouldn’t say regeneration, as we know Doug Wilson loves to parse words into a million pieces. they would say “in Christ.” ie: an incorrect interpretation of Rom. 6:3-6) This is if we are using the term “conversion” as it has always been used by the church since its inception. If not what kind of conversion are we speaking of? BTW Phil, good morning! I hope I do not sound hostile. That is the furthest from my mind. Actually I have the highest respect for you; in your stand against Federal Vision, Roman Catholicism, and holding the Anglican churches accountable. I am also delighted that we are friends on facebook. I sincerely have learned a lot from your comments and “posts.” All my best Eric

  8. The question of how one might be “converted” from the womb or cradle is mysterious, but not incredible. John the Baptist leaped for joy in the womb, which is evidence enough for his conversion. Jeremiah was called to God from the womb.

    David (Ps.22:9-10), not to mention the old man of Ps.71 (see vv6 & 9) gave similar testimonies, that God caused them to hope in him from upon their mother’s breasts, from infancy.

    If we cannot remember a time when God was not our God, and Christ our savior, then we cannot say when God began his work upon us, in fulfillment of his promise to our faithful parents, “I will be God to you, and to your seed after you.” Jesus, with the infants in his arms said, “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such ones.” And furthermore, he enforced his saying by commanding those much older than they to become “like them.”

    The faith of a child is utterly dependent. His trust is most helpless and pure–if so in his parent, how much more in his God. And how clearly is our duty then enjoined to cultivate our faith to be like theirs.

  9. I just had to stomach this kind of stuff in sales meetings I had to attend all week.
    That is the last thing I want to encounter at Church. It amazes me that people want this kind of stuff in Church. I guess it beats listening to moral sermons coming from a dispensational or arminian point of view. But they seem to like too. I don’t get it- maybe I spend too much time in the confessional outhouse and like it there. Being a outsider is not all bad.

  10. Who is “someone who just happened to read this blog?” My point was that sales meetings are often more like revivalist camp meetings to motivate the troops than getting the proper information to the sales staff in order to make the sales they need to stay in business. It is all about hype and often Church’s take on this mentality. It is irrelevant about “what sort of sales meetings.”

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