If It Happens: How to Handle Church Violence

It’s an ugly thing to have to consider but this might be a useful handout from CT.

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  1. A guy walks into a church . . . how does he know if he’s walked into a “hostage situation” or a Benny Hinn healing service, especially if there is “throwing of hymnals, yelling from multiple directions, and tackling people en masse”?

    Unitatis trinidadis tobego,

  2. This seems silly. Why not have men in the church bring their firearms?
    Shoot the shooter is a much better solution than letting a madman mow down women and children.

    • I’m a pastor with a concealed carry permit. Maybe I should start carrying in the pulpit? Of course, then Chunck’s comment comes into play. . .

  3. If a shooter gets in:
    Pastors or other visible leaders should draw attention away from the congregation. . . .

    What if the pastor is the shooter?

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