WSC September E-Letter

Westminster Seminary California at Night

The lead of the September 09 WSC e-Newsletter is from Mike Horton’s essay on the importance of seminary, “As you know, at seminaries like Westminster Seminary California, the choice between being a pastor and being a scholar is regarded as a false one. We are training pastor-scholars. Just as your doctor needs to be professionally trained as well as practically experienced, those who watch over your soul for Christ’s sake need tools for lifelong ministry that they do not have simply by virtue of having a stirring personal testimony. They will one day give an account for their flock. The stakes are too high and Christ’s promise too wonderful to settle for an unprepared ministry. My hope is that through their prayers and gifts churches will cherish the seminaries that serve them, support the men in seminary who will one day occupy their pulpits, and hold both accountable to the faith that must be clearly articulated and defended in each new generation.”  Subscribe here.

A New Academic Year Brings New Students
Westminster Seminary California begins its 29th academic year on September 3, 2009. This year, WSC welcomes over 45 new students from South Africa, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Canada; along with men and women from Alabama, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and California. Read more >>
WSC launches Office Hours, a new audio production
Through personal, 30-minute interviews, Office Hours introduces you to the faculty of WSC. Office Hours invites you to join the faculty in their offices for a discussion of issues that are important to you and the church. Don’t miss any of these programs: subscribe online today! Learn more about the program >>
Christ, Kingdom & Culture conference
January 15-16, 2010, Westminster Seminary California
This conference will address the sovereignty of God as it relates to his kingdom, to our role as Christians in God’s world, in the state, at work, at school, and in the church. Featured speakers are W. Robert Godfrey, Michael S. Horton, Dennis E. Johnson, David VanDrunen, and S. M. Baugh. For more information or to register, visit
Latest Evangelium available – special issue
How should Christian parents prepare our children for their role as grateful, faithful stewards of God’s creation, especially in a culture that often ignores God’s glory and defies his norms? That question is addressed in a special issue of Evangelium. Our faculty contributors speak not only from the vantage point of their theological reflection but also from their personal experience as fathers who care for their own children. For a free copy of this issue, contact WSC at (888) 480-8474 ext. 102 or by email
Experience WSC face to face!
Seminary for a Day – Thursday, October 1st
Would you like to get to know WSC better? There is still time to register for Seminary for a Day, an event for prospective student on Thursday, October 1st. Join us and meet the real people that make up the WSC community! Visit our website for more information >>

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