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feskoruleoflove Update 26 June 09

Camden Bucey, from the “Christ the Center” podcast writes:

We’re going to have John Fesko join us again on Christ the Center. This time he’ll be discussing his new book The Rule of Love. We’re going to be streaming it live along with an open chat room at We’re working in conjunction with Reformation Heritage Books who will be giving away two free copies of the book in addition to offering a great discount on the book to anyone who listens ($10 and free shipping). Monday, June 29, 2009 9:30AM Eastern / 6:30AM Pacific

Congratulations to John Fesko, WSC’s new Academic Dean and Associate Professor of feskoSystematic Theology.  Click on the icon to order. This volume will be available soon at The Bookstore at WSC. You can order some of John’s other books here.

From the RHB website: In The Rule of Love, J. V. Fesko gives an introductory exposition of the Ten Commandments.  Beginning with the importance of the prologue, and then addressing each Commandment in turn, he sets forth a balanced and biblical approach that places the law in proper perspective. Throughout the book, Fesko analyzes the historical context of God’s giving the law in order to help us accurately understand the moral demands God places upon humanity. Yet, Fesko does not stop there; he also discusses the covenantal and redemptive context in which the law was given.

Thus, he shows that the law is not presented to us in order for us to present ourselves right before God. Rather, it demonstrates our failure to love God as we should and points us to Christ and His perfect obedience in all that God requires of us. Fesko also shows how Christ applies the commandments to His people by the indwelling power and presence of the Holy Spirit. This is an excellent survey of the Ten Commandments that promises to bring about a more accurate understanding of the proper uses of the law, as well as engender profound gratitude for all that God is for us in Christ.

The Rule of Love refreshingly sets each of the Ten Commandments in it historical, covenantal, and redemptive context, then proceeds to show that each commandment covers a broad range of issues that convict us as believers of sin and encourage us to flee to Christ who is the great Law-fulfiller and our complete remedy for all our Law-breaking. Dr. Fesko masterfully sets each commandment in the light of Christ and shows how each is connected to the church and to every believer today. In this book, which is the most Christ-centered treatment of the Law I have ever read, biblical, systematic, and practical theology wonderfully coalesce in a harmonious whole.

—Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

“Dr. Fesko has blessed the church with a uniquely balanced and helpful treatment of the Ten Commandments. By insisting that we interpret these enduring commandments in their historical, covenantal, and redemptive contexts, Dr. Fesko keeps us from stumbling into the numerous errors that abound when it comes to interpreting and applying God’s law in our modern world. Using Scripture and the richness of the Reformed confessional documents, Dr. Fesko deftly escorts us into a Christ-centered understanding of the law for the church today. This work is both theologically profound and immensely practical.”

—Rev. Anthony T. Selvaggio, teaching elder (RPCNA), author and visiting professor of biblical studies at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh

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  1. Dr. Beeke said that this is one of the most Christ-centered exposition of the Ten Commandments he’s ever read. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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