Audio: How to Be Culturally Relevant

It probably isn’t what you think. Rob Norris has wise words for preachers (and parishioners)

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  1. Look, I downloaded the mp3 onto my player and listened to it twice. I listened to the intro more but that was because a certain little toddler of mine kept interrupting. The subject of cultural relevance has been an important debate since the beginning of Christianity. And this on-stage discussion was well put.

    However, it would be best if the men in the roundtable didn’t use the vague terms like “they” or “some people” when referring to those pastors who are trying to be so relevant that they fail to proclaim the gospel and “feed My sheep.”

    I can appreciate that this discussion may serve a general warning to pastors to be on their guard. But for those of us who are still trying to sort out how relevant is too relevant, please name names. In the spectrum of ministers and pastors, are we talking about Joel Osteen? How about Mark Driscoll? John Piper? Who? Please name names.

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