You Knew it Had to Be Something

When I serving a congregation in Kansas City, as I remember it, a local mega-church pastor hooked himself up to a garage-door opener. At the right time in the service, someone hit the remote and up went the pastor.

This year some “pastor” has scheduled a cagefight demonstration for Easter Sunday, because “Jesus didn’t tap out.”

I like really just love evangelicalism.

Thanks to WSC student Sam Lee for the heads up.

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  1. I don’t know if you went to the church site…but it’s a whole “sermon” series based on this Jesus didn’t tap out theme. Is it ironic the name of the church is soschurch?

  2. From the article,

    We make it so complicated and Christ wanted it to be simple. We like to laugh a lot in our Sunday experience. We do crazy stuff.


    That youtube video linked on there is hillarious!

  3. So many things wrong with that!
    Reading the interview with the pastor, one has to admit that his caricature of Jesus is uber-macho manliness where he is an ultimate fighter. Something that sounds very akin to Mark Driscoll and others.

    Who in their minds really thinks that is how unbelievers find Christ, and those united to Christ find edification and gospel instruction?

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