Bias in Textbooks?

Interesting video from Fox News.

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  1. One may experience that public schools don’t have any interest in advocating any sort of religion. By the post-linked FOX material, those in the state schools say otherwise in promotion of material that is insinuating that Word’s credibility to be lacking, and promoting some Mohammedon’s qoran views to be as they say. That is to say, the textbook(?s’) material and publishers are hostile to the Word’s proclamations. The way they’re presenting things in this Fox ditty is saying there’s promotion of ANTI-biblical material. When there’s negation there must be positive assertions as well. It’s one thing to say public education is about “take, take, take” and another thing to ask about what is it that the public system is giving. The question is unavoidable.
    Perhaps the public school’s interest abides in keeping their heads attached to their necks, and their wallets well-lined.

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