To WSC Alumni

wsc footballOur Alumni Coordinator John Bales would like to hear from you.

Dear WSC alumni,

On behalf of the faculty and staff here in Escondido, we hope this note
finds you well.

We are writing to invite you to share any news or updates that we may print
in the Class Notes section in the upcoming issue of Update, WSC’s bi-annual
publication for donors and alumni. Examples of news and updates are:

– Recent engagement (include date and name of fiancé/fiancée)

– Recent marriage (include date and name of spouse, as well as wedding
location or other information)

– Birth of a new child (include birthday, as well as names and ages of your
other children; include your spouse’s name, too)

– New ministry position/work (include name of church/organization, website,
and brief description of your job)

– Change of ministry position (include name of previous church, name of new
church, city/state, website, and date of change)

– Recent missions trips (include date, city/country, what you did there,
learned there, etc.)

– Etc.

Please respond to this email by Friday, February 20, 2009 for possible
publication in the next Update (Summer 2009). Please include the degree you
earned from WSC (M.Div. or M.A.)and the year you graduated.

If you currently do not receive Update, please join our mailing list by
writing to jbales at wscal dot edu with your current mailing address and phone

WSC encourages you to stay connected with us and with your classmates!
Please help us to stay connected with our alumni by forwarding this post to
WSC classmates with whom you are still in touch.

Thank you for the work you are doing “for Christ, His Gospel, and His
Church.” We hope to hear from you.

John Bales

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