Even the NYT Does It!


Students, what’s wrong with this headline?

“Who Would Jesus Smack Down?”

Okay. Pencils down. What’s the correct answer?

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  1. how to begin…?
    Where’s the honor due the King of the Nations?

    When’s the last time you read such a headline as this:
    “Who Would Obama Smack Down?”

  2. My first reaction is that it is horribly anachronistic. “Smack down?” Asking about that seems as relevant to me as asking whether He would step outside for the “3” or drive to the hoop for the jam; whether He would be a spray singles hitter or a home run king.

    I don’t care.

    What do I know? Everything that Scripture tells me about who He is and what He did and does for His people. That’s what I care about.

    Asking such a stupid “smack down” question takes Him out of His story and puts Him in mine, rather than the other way around.

  3. Sorry, nope, just realised: there is a preposition to be dealt with as well. It is, in fact, “Down whom would Jesus smack?”

    Yes, Master Yoda is in the house.

  4. (Pointing out that “down” is not a preposition here but an adverb…but you know that…)

    I want to suggest: “Whom Will Jesus Smack Down?”

    Well, he does not bear the rod of iron for nothing. Refer to Rev 19:15. Also a certain two-edged sword from his mouth. Seems he smacks down each in their time, one beast, one false prophet, one ancient serpent. Seems like goats in general get smacked into outer darkness. Whatever you understand these to be, the list of smackees is pretty long.

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