Upcoming Events at WSC

November 21, 2008, David VanDrunen at Infant Baptism Debate

 David VanDrunen will debate Tom Schreiner from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY on the subject of infant baptism in Sacramento, CA for the Reformation Society of Greater Sacramento.

January 16-17, 2009, WSC’s Annual Conference: Calvin’s Legacy

John Calvin has been one of the most influential and insightful figures in the history of the church, but his significance is not limited to the past. His reforming work and biblical teaching are arguably more needed today than they were in the sixteenth century. Our conference will examine the ways in which John Calvin’s life and theology can help the church of the twenty-first century rediscover the biblical path of faithfulness and fruitfulness. For more information, visit conference webpage»

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  1. I wanted to note that if anyone wants more information on the baptism debate between Drs. VanDrunen and Schreiner, he should go to our church’s website — Grace Reformation — where there’s a link to the brochure on the front page.

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