Sweat the Little Things

People sometimes say, “Don’t sweat the little things” or “Don’t sweat the details.” Well, tell that to the USA track relay teams. Yikes!

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Posted by R. Scott Clark | Thursday, August 21, 2008 | Categorized Common Life | Tagged Bookmark the permalink.

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  1. Although I know that you are referring to both the American Men’s and Women’s 400 meter relay teams dropping the baton in this event in which they were favorites or near favorites to win gold, I will point out an American who did sweat the little thing.

    Last night, I was watching the Men’s 400 meter finals. The Americans swept the gold, silver, and bronze medals. Neville, who won the bronze medal, literally dove over the finish line, throwing his body onto the hard track, to barely beat out another runner for third place. I have not seen anything like it.

    When he was interviewed, he did not say much about his heroic effort. He said with his eyes lit up that he gives the glory to God.

    Sometimes, the best stories are not about the gold-medal winners or contenders. The best stories are about those who heroically perform and yet give the credit to God. To God be all the glory!

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