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Some folks don’t think much of study bibles, but I like ’em. Maybe that’s because was Reformed folks who did the original study bible in Geneva.

In the latest study bible Steve Baugh (Professor of NT) and Dennis Johnson (Professor of Practical Theology) have both produced notes and commentary for the forthcoming ESV Study Bible. Steve is a leading scholar of the first-century Greco-Roman backgrounds of the NT. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on Ephesus and has written extensively on Ephesus, and Paul and related questions. Not surprisingly he did the notes on Ephesians. 

Dennis Johnson, who was Associate Professor of NT at WSC for many years, has published books on preaching Christ, a commentary on Acts, and a commentary on the Revelation. He did the notes on the Revelation. Suffice it to say that there won’t be any notes about black helicopters, the USSR, or the like. No date-setting here but if you’re interested in the actual historical setting of the Revelation (the letter to the seven churches) and to the OT background and the authorial intent of the Apostle John, Dennis is your man.

The ESV Study Bible is scheduled for release in October.

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