URC Church Plant on Prince Edward Island

Their first service was held on January 14, 2007. They are being supervised by Trinity Orthodox Reformed (URC), Church pastored by Rev. Al Bezuyen. They are presently searching for a pastor. They meet St. Columba Presbyterian Church, Hwy. 2, just 2 km past Hwy. 25, Marshfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

For more info contact Mr Solke den Boer at (902) 629-1755 or email at solkedb@hotmail.com

Thanks to the folks at Cornerstone URC for publishing a regular update on URCNA missions domestic and foreign. For more information contact Cornerstone at: office@cornerstoneurc.com

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  1. SWEETNESS!!! I watch the whole BBC series 3x a year (no joke). One of my ‘to do before I die’ is to visit PEI so I guess I’ll have to visit the URC over there. How exciting!!!

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