Louisiana Presbytery Resolution…

Sort of. Bob Mattes has details. There are, one thinks, more shoes to drop. SJC procedural trials and GA votes are fine but, as I’ve been saying since last summer, PCA ministers (TEs) and ruling elders (and laity) should not content themselves with these beginning steps. There are still ministers (TEs) in the PCA who are openly advocating the Federal Vision error. They must be disciplined. It will be long, hard work but it has to be done. The gospel isn’t an area for compromise.

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  1. Let the PCA take note. Here is your chance to prove that you aren’t compromisers only interested in being a middle way between the OPC and the PCUSA as some, like Keller, seem to advocate. Here is your chance to prove that you really do love the gospel as you say you do, and that you are interested in being distinctively reformed and presbyterian. Here’s your chance to prove yourselves to us, since so many of you are so keen to defend that.

    We’re watching and waiting.

  2. Thanks for your piece for those just tuning in, summarizing the FV, which I’ve linked to in my blog on xanga/haiglaw, in comments under the piece “LaP admonished.” Couldn’t find a way to send a private note, but I thought you would want to know you misspelled Rushdoony as Rushdooney. Feel free to delete this comment. Thanks!

  3. Well, when the entire american reformed community, decides that WTS(Gaffin-Sheppard), NPP, and FV have more in common than not then I guess this will mean something ’till then this is not much more than political expediency. It’s a good and necessary start, but I’ll believe in your commitment to protestant doctrinal fidelity when the PCA and OPC GA’s are willing to call Gaffin and adherents out on their intellectual dishonesty. I do give him credit for allowing his ST and confessional commitments to save him from his BT and monocovenantal convictions, however convenient such recasting may appear to be. I’m recalling T.David Gordon and drunk uncles. How long must we wait?

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