Issues Etc as of 10AM Good Friday

issues-etc.gifReliable word is that Todd and Jeff were called to LCMS headquarters and offered severance in exchange for silence.

Still no explanation from the LCMS.

Earlier post is here (link repaired).

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  1. I wrote an email to the LCMS expressing my disappointment with their decision not only to cancel Issues, Etc., but also to do so with no explanation whatsoever. I explained to them that it looks very suspicious that no explanation has been given yet. I basically received what looked to be a mass reply with my name attached to the salutation. This isn’t looking good at all for the LCMS.

  2. Yes we are all getting the same “I’m sorry you are disappointed, well maybe you’ll like our future programming” ?!

    They don’t even know what their future programming is going to be. And they have the nerve to have a share a thon this week!

    This gag order is so blatantly unbiblical. I had one issued to me as well when I accused my pastor of false teaching and *I* came under discipline for it. Before they would talk about the issues I raised, I had to recant and agree not to talk about them…!?

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