On the Waterfront

pontevedra1So here we are, in beautiful Ponte Vedra, FL. Traveling with Mike is an adventure and a joy. An adventure because both of us are directionally challenged but it’s a joy because I always learn so much. The pic is the view out of my window. I’m a Nebraskan so I’m no expert, but I think that’s the ocean. Yep, just confirmed it google maps. Okay, I don’t get out much!

We’re here for the Gospel-Driven Life Conference hosted by Ponte Vedra, PCA and co-sponsored by Westminster Seminary California. WSC student and PVPC intern Tommy Myrick (and his family) has done a great job getting us here and organized. The church pastoral staff (and their wives) took us to a wonder Italian dinner last night. Today we’re getting ready at the hotel while hard-working folks make last minute preparation at church. Tonight there’s a dinner with some WSC alumni in the area and then conference begins.

If you’re in this part of the world, I hope we get to meet you at the conference.

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