How To Be Complementarian Without Becoming A Heretic

Is the Trinity no more than a social program for the world and the church? Is the eternal life of the Trinity hierarchical or egalitarian? Are there three minds, three wills, and three powers within the Godhead? Are the current Trinitarian views of some evangelical people in danger of leading them out of orthodox Christianity into eccentricity (at best) or idolatry (at worst)?

All of the questions above are under debate in the evangelical church today. Some, whose instinct is to defend the differences between men and women, are following the egalitarians in redefining the Triune nature of God to defend their position. Egalitarians typically describe the Trinitarian as a divine dance. They use this as an argument for an undifferentiated humanity made in this God’s image. Now, some who pose as complementarian are proposing the idea of hierarchy or primacy within God as a being, God as He is in Himself. They teach that there has always been authority and subordination within the Trinity. This view poses a clear and present danger to our understanding of who the Christian God is.

Liam Goligher

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  1. Dr. Clark,

    That was an excellent article by Liam Goligher. I started harboring concerns over the ESS view about 18-24 months ago after working through some of the writings by Fred Sanders and the various Protestant confessions. All of this has lead me to wonder about continuing to support certain organization. Is this being wise, or is it reacting out of emotion?



    • Matthew,

      I think those complementarians who proposing this approach to the Trinity mean well but have made a mistake. I’m glad that Dr. Goligher has called our attention to it.

      As to whether to support organizations that promote this approach to the Trinity, time will tell what sort of response the article receives. We always need to be wise about these things.

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