Sinclair Ferguson on the Santa Clause Christology

sinclairAt Ligonier today. (HT: Colin). CH602 alumni pay heed: facere quod in se est, Deus non denegat gratiam! Aren’t you glad you learned that?

fergusoninchristaloneThis essay is excerpted from Sinclair’s latest, In Christ Alone

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  1. Hey, I’m gonna call my old prof out on this one! Didn’t we learn it as “facientibus” quod in se est?

  2. Not so fast my son.

    If you’ll remember I always tell the class that it can be formulated two ways. One is with the present active infinitive (facere “to do”) and the other is with with the dat/abl pres act participle facientibus (to the ones doing…)

  3. Ahhh. I should have known that my force skills were as yet of no match. I submit!

    (And apparently need to go back and review my class notes.)

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